Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hot Cross last!

Well this only took about five years to finish! And then another four weeks waiting for a decent break in the grotty 'summer' weather to get outside for photos!

I first patched this quilt top in 2012, using a layer cake of Me and My Sister for Moda's 'Amelia' design, with a gorgeous white and black polka dot sashing fabric.

I used a Moda Bakeshop pattern by Wendy Poling - very easy to do and so effective. Just after New Year I finally found time (thanks to all the rain that was falling) to sit and watch lots of tennis on TV and get this quilted up.  I used a 'daisy-chain' stipple all over and in the outer border I did a wavy line/vine with leaves. 

It is a single bed quilt measuring 55" x 65" and the backing is a lavender flannel.

And "kia ora" to all my visitors from Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday linky party!

1 comment:

  1. It looks amazing and yay for a finally finished! I love the daisy chain stippling, I must remember that when I come to quilt my current WIPs for my little girls