Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cross My Fingers - Finish Along Q3 Challenge To-do List!

Okaaayyy, will give this a go - The Littlest Thistle blog (aka Katy) is running a finish-along challenge - great incentive to win any of the awesome prizes and I know I will need the incentive!!

I had already planned to make a conscientious attack on my UFOs and WIPs, so for each one I finish by 30 Sept I'll get one entry into the prize draws.

Here is my "fingers-crossed list"!
  • assemble and complete my 2012-2013 Moda Mystery Designer BOM
  • complete my Jigsaw Blues quilt (quilt and bind)
  • quilt and bind the baby panel (with pram on it) that I bought two years ago
  • finish toy giraffes #11 #12
  • complete my Amelia's Hot Cross Buns quilt (below) (quilt and bind)
  • complete my Riley Blake baby quilt (at right) (border, quilt, bind)
  • complete my Country Jigsaw quilt (extra row of blocks, quilt and bind)
  • create and complete the Chain of Pearls QAL quilt that I have just bought a set of Robert Kaufman/Anne Kelle Remix Ovals fabrics for - bliss! (Have been wanting to make this one for quite..a...while!) got these colours yesterday at Kitz'n'Thingz, and have ordered the yellow, orange, blue and grey ovals fabrics from FabricFix and The Fat Quarter Shop (the US dollar is high against the NZ$ at the moment so I did add a few other wee goodies to the order as well LOL!)

Sofa cushions #2-4

Four new cushions in total now, just one more to re-cover.  

The two larger ones are made with a furnishing fabric called Pohutakawa that I picked up on special in Spotlight yesterday. The soft green matches well (I took my tote bag to the shop with me so I could find something with a big pattern that would complement the Comma fabrics). I think it's cool how the flower shape/pattern echoes the motifs in the Comma designs too - serendipity!

This is the second one I've made with the Comma fabrics, just quilted it with some straight lines.

Everything (with a warm batting inside it) has the Rumbles seal of approval of course! (Bess, in the background, would just approve of being allowed inside at all!)

Of course normally I would not have so much going on one sofa but as you can see the second sofa is kinda full already (is like this most days of the holidays/weekends) so I will spread some of the cushions across that as soon as a space becomes available..."KIERAN! Take a break already!!"

A-ha! Human-free are less cluttered views:

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oh-So-Musical bag for Jayne

 A commissioned project for my lovely colleague Jayne Diack,who asked for a bag to carry her flute and music folder. She chose the Oh-So-Happy pattern from a previous bag and asked for music notes on the front. Happy to oblige!!

I quilted some score lines on the front panel and machine blanket-stitched the motifs. Handles and lining are lime green. 

And tried out some machine embroidery on the inner pocket, which gives a little thrill when you look inside and see it!

A shame I don't have any musical instruments or score sheets here at home for the photo...Kieran's electric drum kit just didn't have the same ambience as this old gate!

And just for fun, here is the bag that inspired this one...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sofa cushions #1

School holidays at last, so am making the most of the no-alarm mornings to get onto my WIPs!

Cushion number one to match the throw quilt I made earlier in the year:

Went with concentric circles on the front and straight lines of quarter inch or half inch widths on the back. Much improved on the faded red cushions that we'd had for about the last eight years!