Wednesday, August 20, 2014

String of Pearls flimsy complete!

Excited to get this done this weekend! I have had it on my to-do list for about 18 months.
It was such an easy pattern, thanks Christa! Just a couple of hours of sewing and ironing of seams and my soul (see last week's post comments below) has certainly been soothed! I am half way to completing this for my QAL#3 challenge list.

I had already made the main squares last weekend so just needed to add the grey background blocks.
Now I just need to find a backing and get it quilted and bound. 

Linking up with Lee's Work In Progress Wednesday at her Freshly Pieced blog!, Kelly's Needle and Thread Thursday and with Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday. I love sharing with like-minded crafters! Welcome everyone!

LAST WEEK'S POST: On Saturday I took a very necessary couple of hours of time-out from trying to sort the annual finances report for the local swimming pool society (of which I am secretary-treasurer, but an accountant I am not, so that is an entirely different story altogether!)

I put my brain onto getting these squares together instead, as well as the sashing/block filler strips for the String of Pearls quilt, with the Remix ovals that I collected up last month. 

I'm looking forward to getting it all put together this weekend hopefully!! My soul needs to sew!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

'Adorable' baby quilt panel

Ahh, the bonus of a snow day closing school!! I had most of the binding on this last night and figured the rest would have to wait until after netball tonight...but spent all night listening to a winter storm bringing rain, wind, hail, and snow...not enough to fully cover our land here on the flat, but enough to disrupt all the buses and close the schools.  Obviously I was not too upset as I knew exactly how to fill my day!
This panel measures about 29" x 39". (I have no clue as to the maker of the panel, sorry - just that I bought it at Spotlight on special about two years ago.)

The binding is actually a Paddington Bear design (I still have the original book that I had when I was little)  - when I first pulled it from my stash I figured it was just a stylised flower or tessellated design and it wasn't until I read the selvage label that I realised it is Paddington with his hat on!

I wanted to keep the quilt quite soft, so it has a flannel backing and is only moderately quilted (another good chance to practice FMQ skills, thought I kept it pretty basic!)

Some scallops for the pram hood and basket, with some stippled loops and hearts in the background.
Pebbles, echo stitching or in-the-ditch stitching for the motifs.
Echo stitching around the words.
A daisy petal stitching over the flowers.
I was reading about quilt thefts in the USA and in Australia, one blogger mentioning that many quilters hide a strand of hair or sliver of special fabric inside their quilts.  Going through my stash boxes I had found this old pair of pink gingham overpants from when I was a baby (now 4 decades ago, sigh) and thought it would be perfect to use as my 'identity marker'. I have cut a tiny piece and slipped it inside the binding. I don't know if quilt theft is a big issue in NZ but I do like to think a tiny piece of my history is in the quilt too. 

This is one of the projects on my to-do list for the Littlest Thistle's Q3 QAL Finish Challenge.

Hi to my crafty visitors from the Crazy Mom Quilts Finish It Up Friday!!  And those from Kelly's Needle and Thread Thursday!!  Thanks for visiting!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WIP: baby quilt panel

 A cot quilt panel from Spotlight, bought a couple of years ago...I've put a striped flannel on the back and have stitched in the ditch along all of the straight lines and around the pram. 

Will change to the open toe foot to free motion quilt some echo scallop lines inside the buggy's hood and basket, as well as around the flowers, hearts and butterflies. Then it will just need some binding and it'll be done!!

Linking up with Lee's (of Freshly Pieced) WIP Wednesday blog post.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Riley Blake baby quilt

The first finish of my Q3 Finish-Along Challenge list: as well as a link to Crazy Mom Quilt's Finish It Friday and Kelly's Needle and Thread Thursday - welcome everyone!

Made a couple of months ago from a layer cake of Riley Blake fabric, in lovely softly-muted colours of pink, lemon, mint and grey; I layered the 10" squares in sets of similar colours and made half cuts until I had five different-sized squares...I then took one of each fabric in each size to create each block before sewing them together in columns of the same tones...

This week I free-motion quilted across the blocks with a loose loopy meander, throwing in the odd four-leaf clover at random times as well as into at least one of the smallest squares in each block, plus putting a larger flower into some of the largest rectangles now and then.

For the border I just repeated the large flowers and the loops all the way around. The binding is a Tilda fabric.

On the back there is a pale yellow, soft and cuddly lovely workmate Lucy is awaiting the birth of a grand-daughter in Canada and this quilt will be winging its way over there shortly.  

And while taking the photos in the bedroom I realised that I don't think I've ever taken a photo of the appliqué pillow I made back in about 2004...
Monday: have tonight created a machine-embroidered label for the quilt, first time I have tried this...I didn't want to write on the quilt with a dark black marking pen as I didn't want the black to be so stark against the lemon flannel...
...the double heart next to 2014 was an oops (I thought I had programmed the machine to stop after the final heart but no, it started to repeat the whole line again!)